Oven Cleaning

oven-cleaningYou can provide the necessary clean and nice-looking condition of your kitchen and the cooking appliances in it, if you rely on the specialists in oven cleaning, working in our company.

They can restore your daily used oven, applying the most appropriate cleaning methods to sanitize it completely.

The cleaning products they use are non-caustic and eco-friendly. After our oven cleaning specialists apply the necessary cleaning for your filthy oven, it will look as good as new. Fill in the online booking form in our website or use our call centre to order the oven cleaning you need. Our services can be used by all residents, living in or near Putney.

Oven Cleaning Cleaning
Single Oven (60cm) £50 £45
Double Oven £70 £63
Hob from £15
Extractor from £15
Microwave £22 £20
Combination Microwave Ovens £28 £25
Shelves & Racks (each) £2.5 £2
Trays (each) £3 £2.5
BBQ racks (each) £3.5 £3
Range from £90
Aga from £105

“Guys, I can’t thank you enough for your oven cleaning service. You exceeded my expectations. Your cleaners are superb, friendly, hard-working and everything! I will recommend your service.” – Susan

Oven Cleaners Putney

Cleaners Putney can provide you affordable and professional oven cleaning which includes:

  • Preliminary inspection of your oven to check its condition
  • Dismantling the hob components, trays, racks, fans and oven door to be cleaned separately in heated baths with cleaning solution
  • Scrubbing, cleaning and wiping the glass panels, all interior and exterior of your oven
  • Reassembling the removable parts, after they are being cleaned
  • Final inspection of the oven
  • Using biodegradable and efficient cleaning products and modern oven cleaning appliances
  • Fully and thorough cleaning of your oven door, glass and rack

Deep Cleaning Putney, SW15Our specialists in oven cleaning have experience and success in sanitizing all models and brands of oven. They use non-corrosive cleaning detergents to clean all surfaces of your oven, protecting them from damage. Stainless steel, chrome, glass, enamel and all types of oven surfaces will be scrubbed and polished, without being scratched. Check our affordable prices.

After dismantling the removable components of your oven, they will be taken outside of your property and soaked in some of our baths with cleaning solution. The grease, deposits of burnt food and carbon residue will be removed successfully. Then the removable components will be reassembled. Use our top-notch oven cleaning services, available in Putney, which can be booked by phone or thorough our website.

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You can make your oven look like brand new and work better, if you use our reliable oven cleaning services. They will ensure you meticulously cleaned oven, both its interior and exterior. You can be sure that your home will remain hygienic during and after the cleaning process. Our courteous oven cleaning staff will take care of the cleanness of your oven any time, convenient to you. If you need professional oven cleaning in Putney, call us or use our website.

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